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Retailers and brands are shutting their doors around the world while cancelling production orders worth billions of dollars. In the face of this unexpected halt in manufacturing, it is the most vulnerable, lowest paid people in the fashion supply chain that feel the worst effects:

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Send a letter to your favourite fashion brands and demand that they honour the orders they have already placed with their suppliers and ensure that the workers making their products are protected, supported and paid properly during this crisis.

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Support the workers

You want to do more?
A donation can directly help the textile workers. Here we have selected emergency funds and charitable organisations that we trust:

SOLIDARITYWORKS Corona Emergency Relief Fund by Femnet

Femnet works in exchange with their partner organizations in India and Bangladesh, to quickly determine the most urgent needs so that the textile workers can protect themselves and their families and ensure their livelihood. SAVE supports migrant workers in Tamil Nadu / India who can no longer afford food. Cividep supports textile workers in Bangalore / India with basic food and rental payments. NGWF educates textile workers in Bangladesh about COVID-19 prevention.


AWAJ Foundation

Established in 2003 to protect workers’ rights in the Ready-Made Garment (RMG) sector. Founded by former child worker and labour organizer Nazma Akter, Awaj Foundation now is a grassroots labour rights NGO with over 600,000 worker members across Bangladesh.



Call for donation for (migrant) workers in the natural stone and clothing sector in India. Arisas partners in Tamil Nadu, which is home to many garment factories and spinning mills, are currently active in distributing food to the most vulnerable workers to avoid starvation.


future fashion forward e.V.

future fashion forward e.V. is a volunteer-run non-profit organisation, coordinators of Fashion Revolution Germany and the initiators of this campaign. Your support helps us to continue our advocacy and educational work for a responsible fashion industry.


Sign a petition

Gap, Primark, C&A #PayUp for orders, save lives

Unless Gap, Primark, C&A, and others #PayUp millions of garment makers will go hungry and not survive. Many have already been sent home with no severance, savings, or access to healthcare. Help save the lives of millions of women. Demand brands #PayUp.

Go to to sign

#fairbylaw — Unternehmerische Sorgfaltspflicht per Gesetz! (German only)

Deutsche Unternehmen müssen für Menschenrechtsverletzungen in ihren eigenen Lieferketten verantwortlich gemacht werden – gemeinsam mit zahlreichen prominenten Unterstützer*innen fordern wir die deutsche Bundesregierung auf: Tragt Verantwortung! #fairbylaw

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Learn more

You want to learn more about textile workers rights around the world and what you can do about it?
Here you can find out:

"Bangladesh, the world’s second-largest apparel producer after China, is set to lose about $6 billion of export revenues this fiscal year as retailers and brands across the world cancel orders [...]"

"The Garment Worker Crisis In Bangladesh Proves A ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’ Approach Is The Only Way Forward [...] Each year, the fashion industry produces 100 billion garments, and we buy roughly 80 billion. The remaining 20 billion are burned, shredded, or buried —"

British Vogue
“These workers now don’t know [...] how they will manage costs for food, rent and other necessities. They can’t even imagine what they’ll do if they or a family member needs medical treatment for COVID-19."

Nazma Akter, executive director, AWAJ
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